Second call of the National/Regional CRIS Working Group

Wed, 26/04/2023 - 18:17 -- euroCRIS Secret...

Following the (online) kick-off meeting for the National/Regional Research Portals WG on Feb 1st, 2023, the second call of this group was held on Tue Apr 25th. The session was devoted to lessons learned from previous or ongoing collaborative initiative in the CRIS domain. Two case studies were presented by Michele Mennielli (on the Southern European SELRIM project) and by Joonas Nikkanen (on the Finnish National CRIS The WG members also voted for a new name for the initiative: CRISCROS (for Cross-stakeholder collaboration around CRIS).

The next WG meeting will be held on 1 June as a face-to-face event at the Spring 2023 euroCRIS membership meeting in Brussels.