Jan Dvořák elected new euroCRIS President

Thu, 23/02/2023 - 13:08 -- euroCRIS Secret...

One of the main outcomes of the face-to-face euroCRIS Board meeting held Feb 21, 2023 at DANS in The Hague was the election of Jan Dvořák as the new euroCRIS President following Sadia Vancauwenbergh's stepping down as President at the end of 2022. Jan works as CRIS analyst at the Computing and Information Centre of the Czech Technical University in Prague (Czechia) and lectures at the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship of the Charles University in Prague.


Jan joined the euroCRIS CERIF Task Group in 2009 and became its leader in 2013, when he also became a member of the euroCRIS Board. He organised the Autumn 2010 euroCRIS Membership Meeting in Prague and headed the Organising Committee for the CRIS2012 Conference in Prague. Jan has also topped the list of most-voted Board members in the last two elections for a new Board at the end of 2020 and of 2022

A blog post from the new euroCRIS President will be released soon.