Main features of CERIF

Common European Research Information Format (CERIF)

The Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) is the comprehensive information model for the domain of scientific research. It is intended to support interchange of research information between and with CRISs.

Among other use-cases, the OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers are based upon it.

The following drawing illustrates the scope of the model:

Figure 1. A grouping of CERIF entities.

CERIF is developed and made available on the following GitHub repositories:

The upcoming CERIF refactoring project is likely to choose a different layout and locations for CERIF-related artefacts. Following a call for proposals for by the euroCRIS Technical Committee for Interoperability and Standards (TCIS), the project is currently running. The TCIS, which will coexist with the CERIF TG, will deal with the decision-making process for the evolution of CERIF and associated technical products. The TCIS will also set the roadmap and strategy towards the widespread adoption of CERIF and its alignment with other relevant technologies, models and standards.

Additional resources about CERIF:

    1. CERIF Tutorials in the euroCRIS Repository (e.g.
    2. CERIF API 1.0 specification (
    3. OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers (, also published on Zenodo, DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1298649)
    4. Projects (ENGAGE, VRE4EIC, HolaCloud, Pasteur4OA) -
    5. mappings (e.g. ), for a list see CERIF. In: RDA Metadata Standards Catalogue. Available from

CERIF is maintained and developed by the CERIF and CRIS Architectures Task Group of euroCRIS (the CERIF Task Group until the end of 2016).

Current members:

Jan Dvořák (since 2009, deputy leader 2011–2012, leader since 2013)

Dragan Ivanović (since 2019, deputy leader since 2020)

Andrea Bollini (since 2017, deputy leader since 2017)

Lorenzo Fenoglio (since 2020)


Past members:

Laurent Remy (2016–2020, deputy leader 2018–2020)

Thomas Vestdam (2014–2017, deputy leader 2015–2017)

Thorsten Höllrigl (2013–2015, deputy leader 2013–2015)

Dimitris Karaiskos

Valérie Brasse

Nikos Houssos

Brigitte Jörg (2004–2013, leader 2004–2012)

Henrik Steen Rasmussen

Geert van Grootel

Anne Asserson

Keith Jeffery