CERIF RDF mapped to the most common metadata schemes

Mon, 28/01/2019 - 12:42 -- euroCRIS Secret...
The X3ML mappings from common metadata schemes to CERIF RDF arising from the VRE4EIC project have been released.
The file stored in Zenodo by the EU-funded Horizon 2020 VRE4EIC project team contains a set of mappings in X3ML format between a number of metadata record schemes and CERIF RDF (based on CERIF 1.6). These include among others:
  • Dublin Core
  • EPOS DCAT-AP (extension of DCAT-AP used within the EPOS research infrastructure)
  • ISO 19139
  • OIL-E (Open Information Linking for Environmental research infrastructures)
  • The scheme used by EUDAT's B2FIND service (based on CKAN)
  • The scheme used within the D4Science platform (based on CKAN) 
In line with the VRE4EIC project objective, these mappings are aimed to support the import of metadata records from external sources into the eVRE metadata catalog, a single RDF triple store structured according to the CERIF 1.6 standard. These mappings will enhance system interoperability across the eRIs (e-Research Infrastructures) covered by a VRE implementing eVRE modules (see the VRE4EIC project tutorial "Managing Metadata in Virtual Research Environments" for more details).