The CERIF 1.5 release comprises the CERIF 1.5 FDM module plus the CERIF 1.5 XML module only; it does not include the rest of CERIF intellectual property which is held by euroCRIS. The CERIF 1.5 release incorporates updates inline with the structure of the CERIF XML released under 1.4, to be validated by a new CERIF 1.5 XML Schema file. This CERIF 1.5 XML Schema file based on the CERIF 1.5 FDM is published under this license. 

The conditions of this license can be waived for extensions to both the published CERIF 1.5 XML Schema file and the FDM in CERIF consistent style as defined by the euroCRIS CERIF Task Group while maintaining attribution to the licensor, euroCRIS. Any extension should be proposed to and validated by the CERIF Task Group if You wish to claim CERIF compatibility.   

euroCRIS will leave earlier licensed versions available on the website but does not commit to support any but the latest released version and may remove earlier versions without notice. 

Creative Commons License


CERIF 1.5  is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


The CERIF 1.5 release is being finalized. CERIF 1.5 includes as a major upgrade a substantially extended vocabulary, a new entity federated identifier and allows for multiple structured person names. Furthermore, we provide a set of CERIF 1.5 XML examples to demonstrate and showcase the latest updates.

The full CERIF 1.5 release has the following components:
  • CERIF 1.5 Reference Document
    NEW !!!   for easy and simple access and navigation through the CERIF model for developers
  • CERIF 1.5 FDM: Model Introduction and Specification 
    in preparation - you may well want to look at the CERIF 1.3 Specification instead 
  • CERIF 1.5 SQL: Scripts for the most common databases
    available for members only (in the separate Members Area)
  • CERIF 1.5 XML: Data Exchange Format Specification
  • CERIF 1.5 XML Schema
  • CERIF 1.5 XML Examples
    includes federated identifier and multiple structured person-names 
    available now 
  • CERIF 1.5 Semantics: Insight into the CERIF Semantic Layer and Vocabularies
    in depth document in preparation
  • CERIF 1.5 Vocabulary 
    The latest version of the CERIF Vocabulary incorporates a substantial update with respect to quantity and quality. The entire vocabulary currently comprises nearly 450 terms, each assigned to at least one particular contextual scheme, e.g. "Person Employment Types", "Activity Finance Category", "Person Output Contributions", "Person Event Involvements". Almost all terms have either a description, examples or definitions, and indicate the originating source of the term. A substantial list of terms in the current vocabulary have been provided through the RMAS project, but also standardized terms from related vocabularies have been employed. A short introduction into the CERIF vocabulary and its range will be given with the CERIF 1.5 Semantics document in preparation above.
    available now Excel file or HTML file (for human radability), CERIF-XML (for machine readability), SQL script (db insert script for members only)
    - 2012-10-01: bug-fixed some duplicated uuids; backwards-uuid compatibility is fine
  • We now have the CERIF toolkit tool to detect duplicates in the CERIF vocabulary and to support with transformations and extensions. It is currently also meant for testing and giving feedback for improvements - have a look and try !!
  • CERIF 1.5 model for online navigation (html)  
    available from TOAD


Compared to its preceding version (CERIF-1.4) which has been published under a CC-ND-BY license, CERIF 1.5 incorporates the following changes: 

  • New Entities: 
    • cfFederatedIdentifier
    • cfFederatedIdentifier_Classification
    • cfFederatedIdentifier_Service
    • cfResultPublicationVersionInfo
    • cfResultPatentVersionInfo
    • cfResultProductVersionInfo
  • New Attributes: 
    • cfFederatedIdentifierIdentifier
    • cfInstanceIdentifier
    • cfFederatedIdentifier with entity cfFederatedIdentifer
    • cfPersonNameIdentifier with cfPersonName
    • cfVersionInfo with cfResultPublicationVersionInfo
    • cfResultPatentVersionInfo
    • cfResultProductVersionInfo
  • Removed Attributes: 
    • cfPersonNameVariants with cfPersonName_Person entity
    • cfFraction with cfPersonName_Person entity 
  • Future Candidates for Removal: 
    • cfOtherNames attribute from cfPersonName entity 
  • Automated Change Report CERIF 1.5 -> CERIF 1.4 (CERIF 1.3) 
    Due to tool upgrades, an automated comparison report could not be generated


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