Jisc RDSS workshop at the 13th International Digital Curation Conference

Wed, 07/02/2018 - 13:35 -- Pablo de Castro
The iDCC workshop “A Research Data Shared Service in a localised, international context — what could/should it mean for you?” will be held on Thu Feb 22nd in Barcelona.
This Jisc-led RDSS workshop will take place within the 13th International Digital Curation Conference "Beyond FAIR - from principles to practice to global join up". The Research Data Shared Service (RDSS) is being piloted for use by the UK HE and Research communities and is due to be launched as a production service in summer 2018. The workshop aims to to introduce the RDSS to the international community, to flesh out use cases and to identify the required features for communities other than the UK HE/Research community. A presentation on the CERIFication of this Jisc Research Data Shared Service (RDSS) was delivered by Anna Clements and Jan Dvořák at the recently held euroCRIS SMM in Bratislava.