The euroCRIS Board

The euroCRIS Board is responsible for the strategy, policy and management of the organisation.  It has an international composition and consists of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and eight other members. The term of office for the Board is two years: both acting Board members and regular members of euroCRIS can put their candidacy for (re)election in the biennial election process, which takes place by means of online voting.  The composition of the current euroCRIS Board (2023-2024) is as follows:

Pablo de Castro (United Kingdom)

Pablo has been a Board member since 2013. Since 2018 he serves as Technical Secretary. His institutional affiliation is the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where he works as Open Access Advocacy Librarian. Within the Board Pablo's main activities are coordination and CRIS dissemination, as part of which he leads the maintenance of the euroCRIS institutional repository. Pablo also manages the organisation website and the Directory of Research Information Systems (DRIS).

Hanna-Mari Puuska (Finland)

Hanna-Mari Puuska joined the euroCRIS Board member in 2021. Hanna-Mari works as a Directorr at CSC – IT Centre for Science in Espoo. CSC is owned by the Finnish state and higher education institutions and provides IT services for Finnish research and education. At CSC, she leads the Digital Services business unit that develops and maintains services for e.g. research and education information management, analytics, and education technologies, and coordinates various related national networks in Finland. In the research information management domain, our core service is which is the Finnish national CRIS system. At the moment, we also participate in two Horizon Europe-funded projects, FAIRCORE4EOSC and GraspOS, where it is possible to bring CRIS development in closer connection with EOSC.

Sebastian Herwig (Germany)

Sebastian joined the Board in 2021. As Head of Division for Research Information Management and Research Reporting at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWUM), he is responsible for the collection, curation, and quality assurance of metadata about the research activities performed and outputs produced by the whole university. Sebastian is the spokesperson for the German CRIS working group of the DINI (German Initiative of Network Information) and he's also a member of the euroCRIS Technical Committee for Interoperability and Standards (TCIS).

Jan Dvorak (Czech Republic)

Jan has been a Board member since 2013. Between 1996 and 2016, Jan was the leader of the team that created and maintained the first generation of the national CRIS in Czechia (IS VaVaI). Since 2016 he works as research information system analyst at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Since 2011 he teaches at the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship of the Charles University in Prague. Jan’s background is in applied mathematics. Jan has been elected by the Board as the new euroCRIS President for the term 2023/24.

Jan leads the euroCRIS CERIF and CRIS Architecture Task Group where he is active since 2009. From this position he leads the ongoing CERIF Refactoring Pilot Project.

Anna Guillaumet (Spain)

Anna joined the Board in 2021. She works as Research and Innovation Manager at SIGMA (a non-profit association of Spanish public universities), where she defines strategic plans to implement a roadmap of products and services in the research area. This allows her to promote and define relevant and innovative projects for the universities in the group, ensuring alignment with the main international trends. To do this, Anna works in close collaboration with key staff members of their universities at different levels and sits on the board of international non-profit organisations such as euroCRIS and VIVO.

Sophie Biesenbender (Germany)

Sophie is a new Board member for the term 2023-2024. She is Head of Office of the Commission for Research Information in Germany (KFiD). The KFiD is in charge of the “Research Core Dataset” (KDSF standard) and its dissemination and aims to further the professionalization of research information management in the German science system. 

Joachim Schöpfel (France)

Joachim joined the euroCRIS Board in 2021. He is a scholar and researcher in information sciences, specialized in scientific communication, at the GERiiCO laboratory of the University of Lille. He teaches information sciences to BA and Master students. Joachim's current research projects are in the field of open science (open access strategies of 1,500 French research laboratories), data quality (related to research information systems), research data (infrastructures, evaluation) and – because of my academic teaching on service marketing – smart libraries.

With over 15 published papers on CRIS systems (research data, dissertations, education and teaching, data quality…), the full list of his publications is available on Google Scholar.

Ils De Bal (Belgium)

Ils has joined the Board in Oct 2023 as a replacement for former euroCRIS President and fellow Flemish expert in research information management Sadia Vancauwenbergh, who stepped down as a Board member on that date. After having successfully organised the Spring 2023 euroCRIS membership meeting in Brussels and having engaged with the wider CRIS community for a number of years from her position at the Flanders Research Information Space (FRIS) initiative, the sitting members of the Board unanimously elected her to become "euroCRIS's Woman in Brussels".

Ils works as Program Manager at FRIS - at the Departement Economie, Wetenschap en Innovatie (EWI) of the Flemish Government. In that capacity she is one of the most active members of the recently founded CRISCROS WG for national and regional CRIS. Together with her EWI colleague Pascale Dengis, they have delivered plenty of updates on the activity of what is effectively one of the most advanced national/regional CRIS systems worldwide.

Michael Greil (Austria)

Michael is a new Board member for the term 2023-2024. He is Head of the Unit "Research Information System u:cris" at the University of Vienna. He is also the deputy project manager of the consortium partner in the national digitisation project RIS Synergy. The project aims to create a national research portal in Austria, which is why it's actually leading the new National and Regional Research Portals Working Group.

Dragan Ivanovic (Serbia)

Dragan is a new Board member for the term 2023-2024. He is a full professor at University of Novi Sad, Serbia, where he teaches the subject Selected Topics in Scientific-Research Activity Management on PhD studies at the Computer Science Department. On top of his teaching activities, Dragan is in charge of further development and maintenance of software infrastructure for research domain at University of Novi Sad (DORSID UNS). Since August 2021, Dragan also works as tech lead for development of the VIVO platform.

Peter Leijten (Netherlands)

Peter has been a Board member since 2017. As treasurer Peter is responsible for the annual accounts, annual budgets and all other financial issues, including tax and project control.

Peter is a chartered accountant and has a master in business administration. He has been working as an external and internal auditor. From 2003 he works in the Radboud University and is amongst others responsible for the control department