The CRIS2022 Conference

was held May 12-14, 2022 in Dubrovnik (Croatia). The presentations delivered at the event are available


euroCRIS maintains the DRIS (Directory of Research Information Systems) to provide a snapshot of the CRIS infrastructure worldwide

euroCRIS Repository

Did you know that euroCRIS maintains a Repository that holds hundreds of publications on CRISs, including all the papers presented at euroCRIS events.



The Autumn 2022 Strategic Membership Meeting will be held at the Van der Valk hotel in Nijmegen (Netherlands) from Nov 30 to Dec 2 later this year. More information on the event will soon be shared via the euroCRIS members' mailing list. In the meantime, if you have a proposal for a contribution to the event programme, please send us a short 1-page abstract to eurocris [at]


The next event in the series monthly OpenAIRE community calls for content providers will be devoted to "CRIS systems registration in OpenAIRE and most recent developments". This Oct 5th call will feature a joint presentation by euroRIS and OpenAIRE explaining the process for CRIS registration and harvesting by OpenAIRE and the role the euroCRIS DRIS will play in the workflow. The event will run in the usual... Read more


Update on forthcoming euroCRIS events

After over two years of online-only events – the Autumn 2019 membership meeting in Münster marked our last face-to-face meeting before the pandemic struck – we are happy to confirm that current plans are to hold the forthcoming CRIS2022 conference in Dubrovnik (Croatia) next May as an on-site-only event.

According to the information provided by the Croatian Ministry of the Interior, there are currently no travel restrictions in place for vaccinated attendees to enter the country. Nevertheless, having been made aware by some euroCRIS members that some countries of origin – or even some institutions – may still have restrictions in place for their citizens and/or staff come next May, the CRIS2022 call for proposals is also accepting submissions for remote presentations where their authors are not able to make it to the event. For conference registration purposes, at least one of the authors of an accepted submission will need to be registered for the event in order for a presentation to be included in the event programme, but it needn't be the presenter her or himself.

We are looking forward to being able to finally stage an on-site event again for this CRIS2022 conference. In the meantime we will provide any updated information on the circumstances around the pandemic in this section of our website. Should you have any questions in this regard please do not hesitate to reach out via email and we will get back in contact.

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