The Spring 2023 membership meeting

was held May 30-June 1, 2023 in Brussels. The presentations delivered at the event are available


euroCRIS maintains the DRIS (Directory of Research Information Systems) to provide a snapshot of the CRIS infrastructure worldwide

euroCRIS Repository

Did you know that euroCRIS maintains a Repository that holds hundreds of publications on CRISs, including all the papers presented at euroCRIS events.



The presentation "The role of national and regional CRIS in the implementation of PIDs" delivered by euroCRIS Technical Sercetary Pablo de Castro at the Sep 13, 2023 online meeting of the CRISCROS WG devoted to PIDs is already available in the euroCRIS repository.


A webpage for the CRISCROS Working Group has been made available under the new "Community" menu option on the euroCRIS website. CRISCROS, which was launched in Dec 2022, brings together national and regional CRIS initiatives around the world. The webpage provides a summary of the WG activities, including the forthcoming online WG meeting on... Read more


Update on forthcoming euroCRIS events

After a successful and well-attended May 31-Jun 1 Spring 2023 membership meeting in Brussels, we are already preparing the next event with euroCRIS members and beyond. This will be the Autumn 2023 Strategic Membership Meeting – to be held Nov 21-23, 2023 at the Public University Navarra (UPNA) in Pamplona, Spain. Check this link for the meeting venue at the University.

A call for contributions from euroCRIS members for this #SMM2023Pamplona will soon be circulated via our mailing list.

We are also busy with the preparations for the CRIS2024 Conference, to take place 15-17 May, 2024 at the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien). Watch this space for more news on both events.


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