Annual Reports


Annual Report 2014

Once again, in this annual repost, euroCRIS is happy to be able to report about two very succesful  events: the CRIS2014 Conference in Rome in May and the Strategic Members Meeting in November in Amsterdam. The latter is a new concept, since it integrates the "normal"  fall membership meeting with the yearly Strategic Seminar, up to now held in September in Brussels. During the Amsterdam meeting a new model of cooperation was presented between three international standardising organisations, each dealing with another aspect of standardisation: CASRAI (vocabularies) - euroCRIS (exchange format)  and ORCID (identifiers). The year 2014 also witnessed a steep  increase in membership: from 186 to 234, meaning: 25% increase! The euroCRIS network also was extended with an important new strategic partner: EUNIS, The European University InformationSystem's network. Also talks have been initiated with ISNI/OCLC in preparation of a possible strategic partnership.

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Annual Report 2013

This Annual Report highlights the three succesful euroCRIS events that took place in 2013: the two Members Meetings, one in Bonn, Germany,  one in Porto, Portugal,  and the euroCRIS Seminar in Brussels. Special attention is given to the agreement with OpenAire on their future use of CERIF-XML for harvesting information from CRIS. This is an important milestone, since it means that CERIF will be used by an EU-broad and -supported research information infrastructure. As such it is a recognition of the significance and value of CERIF as a standard information exchange format in the research information domain. Another important event was the signing of a Strategic Partnership with ORCID, the international organisation for standardisation of researcher's id's. 

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Annual Report 2012

This Annual Report highlights the successful events held in 2012, with our biennial conference in Prague as pinnacle. On the 10th of February a full Task Group meetings day was organised for the first time. This initiative was so successful that it was decided to include Task Group meetings in the membership meetings. During the membership meeting in Madrid a new strategic partnership was concluded with the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR). The collaboration with CASRAI, VIVO and CODATA was continued and euroCRIS contributed to their conferences. A new Task Group "Indicators" was established. Last, but not least, a new Board was elected for the term 2013-2014. These elections were very special since three Board members from the very beginning stepped down: Keith Jeffery (President), Anne Asserson (Strategy) and Geert van Grootel (Treasurer).

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Annual Report 2011

This annual report highlights the continuously increasing membership, the two very successful members meetings in Bologna and Lille, the 2nd workshop on CRIS and Institutional Repositories which resulted in the joint "Rome Declaration on CRIS and OAR", the new strategic partnerships with CASRAI and VIVO, and the annual Strategic Seminar in Brussels with the theme "CERIF-CRIS and Repositories". Particularly noteworthy are the continuous implementation of CERIF-CRIS, the major new release CERIF 1.3 at the end of the year and the active participation of euroCRIS in European projects (ENGAGE, OpenAireplus and EuroRIs-Net+) and UK projects.

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Annual Report 2010

 This first Annual Report highlights some major steps forward for euroCRIS: a steadily growing membership, our new website, the ever wider recognition of CERIF and increasing implementations of CERIF-CRIS, as well as a series of very successful events: the 1st CRIS and Institutional Repositories Workshop in Rome, our biennial Conference in Aalborg, and the annual Strategic Seminar in Brussels and the members meeting in Prague, which both had as theme 'Evaluation of Research'.