VRE4EIC-Workshop on Open Data Sharing on May 19th, 2016

Mon, 02/05/2016 - 10:37 -- euroCRIS Secret...

The date for the VRE4EIC-workshop 'New insights by Sharing Open Data for Interdisciplinary Research Purposes' has been fixed on May 19th, 2016.

This workshop, organised by the VRE4EIC-project (euroCRIS is one of its participants) is part of the 16th CeDEM Conference that will be held at the Danube University Krems (Austria).

The objective of the workshop is to elicit, refine and discuss requirements for a secure and trusted Virtual Research Environments that integrates Open Government Data and open research data for researchers from multiple disciplines. Topics that will be discussed are open data, open access, open and collaborative government, and thus creating trust. The discussions that will take place will help VRE4EIC to develop and further specify the requirements of the e-VRE technology.

Presentations about reusing governmental and research data will be given, and participants will discuss the conditions for sharing their public or research data with others in a VRE and how to create trust. Thereafter, scenarios for using VREs will be presented and evaluated. This provides the basis for a discussion on the prioritization of the requirements. Participants are encouraged to provide their view on requirements for a VRE that offers governmental research data as well as directions for VRE projects.

More information on this workshop is available at the CeDEM website