Survey on Open Science Rewards and Skills

Tue, 09/05/2017 - 17:17 -- euroCRIS Secret...
A survey on 'Open Science Rewards and Skills' has been released in the framework of the activities of the expert working group on 'Rewards under Open Science' working under the header of the Steering Group Human Resources and Mobility (SGHRM).
  The survey aims to evaluate the procedures for researcher recruitment, promotion/progression and support applied by European universities and funding organisations within an increasingly consolidated "Open Science" environment. The results of this survey will feed into the ongoing discussions on Open Science policy and on the next steps to take. Questions are asked on how universities and funders ‘reward’ researchers practicing Open Science and on what ‘education & skills’ are deemed necessary to practice Open Science. Specific surveys have been produced for universities, research funders and individual researchers. The surveys are anonymous and the deadline for providing your response is May 15th.