Plans for a session on OpenAIRE compliance for national and regional CRIS

Sat, 04/03/2023 - 09:21 -- euroCRIS Secret...

Following the webinar on OpenAIRE compliance for CRIS managers held in Oct last year, a joint OpenAIRE/euroCRIS follow-up dissemination session on this topic is currently being prepared. Although open to any interested CRIS manager, the activity will be specifically addressed to national and regional CRIS teams represented in the recently launched NatResPort WG. Short contributions are expected to be delivered by reps from national CRIS platforms in the Netherlands and Finland that have already gone through the process of becoming OpenAIRE compliant. These will be followed by a discussion on the perceived benefits and the possible technical challenges involved in the process.

A couple of mid-Apr dates are currently being considered for this dissemination activity. This would allow the topic to be revisited during the 2nd 'plenary' call of this WG on Tue Apr 25th and also in the course of the (on-site) Spring 2023 euroCRIS membership meeting in Brussels. The final date and time will be announced as soon as they are established.