New report "2020 Comparison of Leading FIS and RIMS Vendor Solutions"

Thu, 19/11/2020 - 09:48 -- euroCRIS Secret...

The Virginia-based Tambellini Group has released their 2020 update to the comparison of leading Faculty Information Systems (FIS), Research Information Management Systems (RIMS), and in Europe Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) vendor solutions in the global higher education market.

This infographic report, which looks into the implementation of RIM solutions such as Clarivate Analytics Converis, Elsevier Pure, Ex Libris Esploro, Interfolio Faculty Information System, Symplectic Elements, and Watermark Digital Measures Activity Insight, attempts to compare the significantly different RIM landscapes in the US and Europe, with an emphasis on the former region. As highlighted in last year's joint OCLC Research/euroCRIS report "Practices and Patterns in Research Information Management: Findings from a Global Survey", the absence of a national research assessment exercise in the States results in a very different set of drivers for CRIS implementation with an emphasis on institutional faculty assessment.