New OCLC report on “social interoperability” released

Tue, 01/09/2020 - 14:07 -- euroCRIS Secret...
Pablo de Castro, euroCRIS Secretary

Following last year’s collaboration around the global RIM survey that resulted in the report “Practices and Patterns in Research Information Management”, OCLC colleagues and strategic partners of euroCRIS Rebecca Bryant, Annette Dortmund and Brian Lavoie have published a new report called "Social Interoperability in Research Support: Cross-Campus Partnerships and the University Research Enterprise".

The report specifically looks into the role of research libraries in providing a seamless research support service at institutions. By conducting semi-structured interviews with 22 individuals working in a wide range of research support-related roles across campus at 17 research-intensive universities in the United States, the report analyses the needs and opportunities for cross-institutional collaboration among different university units – on top of the underlying technical system interoperability.