New Dutch National Research Portal released

Mon, 03/07/2023 - 22:14 -- euroCRIS Secret...

As of Mon Jul 3rd, 2023, the Dutch research portal NARCIS has been replaced by the Netherlands Research Portal on OpenAIRE CONNECT. This portal covers the publications, datasets and projects produced by research institutes in the Netherlands. Judging from the number of requests for updates of existing DRIS entries and/or creation of new ones received from Dutch universities in the past couple of months, euroCRIS has played a relevant role in this transition by enabling the harvesting of institutional CRISs at Dutch institutions by OpenAIRE via the exposure of their metadata through the DRIS and the application of the OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers.

As of today the DRIS shows 21 records for CRIS systems in the Netherlands, most of them institutional CRIS at various universities and research institutes in the country. While there is still a DRIS record for NARCIS alongside the institutional research portals, this will soon be phased out and replaced by the new Dutch National Research Portal.