Multiple CRIS references in the EOSC Landscape Report

Sun, 25/10/2020 - 12:40 -- euroCRIS Secret...

The report "Landscape of EOSC-Related Infrastructures and Initiatives" produced by the EOSC Executive Board WG Landscape chaired by Jan Hrušák aims to document the landscape of infrastructures, initiatives and policies across Europe relating to the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) system. euroCRIS Board member Sadia Vancauwenbergh is a member of the EOSC Landscape WG that has issued the report.

The report section devoted to data storage at an institutional or national level includes many references to data repositories but also to CRISs like the Norwegian CRIStin and the Flemish FRIS. While research data are just one brand of the research outputs that may be stored at CRISs, there are plenty of institutional CRIS presently being used for data storage. Metadata exchange across systems and with aggregations is made possible by the growing degree of system interoperability with aggregations like OpenAIRE at an international level or the Open Research Hub at a national one -- thanks to the implementation of the CERIF-XML Guidelines for CRIS Managers.