Membership Meeting, Paris, May 2015

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The last euroCRIS Members Meeting took place on May 11 and 12, 2015, in Paris. It was co-organised with AMUE, the association of French universities.

Preliminary Programme

Monday, May 11th

euroCRIS business meeting is planned between 9.00 and 10.00 h on Monday morning. Included are: a general introduction into euroCRIS, introduction of the Task Group Leaders, financial report, state of the art of the organisation euroCRIS and – hopefully – the new Strategic Plan.

Hereafter we propose the first National Session (i.e. a session with a focus on the developments in France). This session will by organised by AMUE.

Available are 5 time slots of 25 minutes (incl. 5 minutes discussion). Starting time: 10.00 h, break (20 minutes at 10.50 h) and closing at 12.30 h.


After lunch (12.30 – 14.00 h) there will be 7 slots available for the Jostein Hauge Session (an open session, organised by euroCRIS). Starting time 14.00 h, closing 17.15 h (with a 20 minutes break at 15.15 h).

After a short tea break (17.15-17.30 h) the CERIF tutorial will be held.

Dinner will be at 20.00 h. Location???


Tuesday, May 12th

From 9.00 until 12.15 there are 7 slots available for the Topical session, including 20 minutes break at 10.40 h.

After lunch (12.15-13.45 h) the Task Group Meetings will be organised. At this moment it is not clear yet how many TG meetings there will be organised (sometimes two or more TGs agree to combine their meeting). Sure is that there will be parallel session during Tuesday afternoon. Proposed time slot: 13.45 -15.00 h, followed by a 20 minutes break.

The plenary feedback meeting will be held between 15.20 and 16.05 h.

Final official part of the meeting are the concluding remarks from the President (16.05-16.30 h), followed by informal after meeting drinks (16.30 – 17.30 h).


Theme/Topic of the meeting

Each Members Meeting has its own theme/topic. Speakers for the topical sessions may be approached by both AMUE and euroCRIS.

We propose the following theme: CRIS in the research information landscape

This is still a working title.


What we would like to have are presentations discussing the role of CRIS-systems in research evaluation, its relationship with Linked Open Data, its relationships with datasets- and publications repositories.


Arjan Hogenaar

euroCRIS Secretary