Launch of the new euroCRIS website

Tue, 24/03/2015 - 13:56 -- euroCRIS Secret...
Arjan Hogenaar, euroCRIS Secretary
The launch of the new website is a good moment to introduce a more up-to-date system for news distribution. Instead of waiting 2 months or more to see news items, we are now capable of posting news immediately on our website.  
The plans for a new website have existed already a few years, but the actual development of the site has started late 2014.   As the euroCRIS Secretary, I was responsible for the timely distributions of our newsletter: the Newsflash. The Newsflash worked fine, but has as major disadvantages that it was not really actual and that it offered not opportunity to react on news items.   Of course not every euroCRIS member will visit our website every day. Therefore we need a means to provide our members with news items published during a certain period.   We have decided to use a tool that is able to collect titles and teasers of articles published in the previous month. This overview of news items will be mailed to all our members. Each news item description will consist of the title, teaser, and the link to the full item (on our website).   We expect that this procedure will advance the spreading of news related to Current Research Information Systems.   We would like to hear your opinion on this new way of news distribution. Please send your comment to: