Knowledge Exchange report and case studies on PIDs released

Thu, 02/02/2023 - 22:38 -- euroCRIS Secret...

The release of the report "Building the plane as we fly it: the promise of Persistent Identifiers" was announced on Thu Feb 2nd. Written for the Knowledge Exchange by a team of consultants under the scidecode banner which includes two members of the euroCRIS Board, the report is the outcome of the KE project "Risks and Trust in pursuit of a well-functioning Persistent Identifier infrastructure for research" that was first presented at the CRIS2022 Conference in Dubrovnik.

Seven case studies on author IDs, organisational IDs, PIDs for research instruments and facilities, IGSNs, RePEc IDs, failed PIDs and the role of research funders in the consolidation of the PID landscape have also been released alongside the report.