Joint webinar with EARMA on Feb 11th

Fri, 29/01/2021 - 20:17 -- euroCRIS Secret...

Following the recently announced MoU between euroCRIS and EARMA, a first collaborative activity has been scheduled for Thu Feb 11th, 15 to 17 hrs CET. This will be a free webinar hosted by euroCRIS on the topic of research information management (RIM) vs research management and administration (RMA).

The session will feature presentations by euroCRIS and EARMA Board members and representatives of institutions and CRIS vendors, followed by a round table where questions will be taken from the audience. 

This activity is a follow-up to our Nov 23-27, 2020 series of webinars. Same as then, the slides presented at the event and the session recording will be made available after the event.