CRIS2024 conference photographs and sketches available

Sat, 15/06/2024 - 14:52 -- euroCRIS Secret...

A few weeks after the May 15-17 CRIS2024 conference at TU Wien came to an end, a carousel of 50 conference pictures taken by the event photographer Sviatlana Bubnevich has been made available on the conference website. A high-res version of the CRIS2024 group photo is also available for Day III attendees (Fri May 17th) to be able to spot themselves on the pic.

Also available on the RIS Synergy project website (under Materialien|CRIS24-Recordings) are the 14 sketches that Lana Lauren made to ilustrate the discussions within specific sessions. One of the drawings she made at the session on Artificial Intelligence and CRIS is shown as an example below.