Fri, 18/09/2015 - 09:37 -- euroCRIS Secret...

Dear members,
Last May we published 15-17 June 2016 as the provisional dates for the CRIS2016 Conference in St Andrews (Scotland).
This announcement has yielded a significant number of messages from potential attendees explaining that other events for people active in the field of research information management will overlap with our conference.
The euroCRIS Board understands the problem and has decided to reschedule the CRIS2016 conference to 9-11 June 2016. The location stays the same: St Andrews.

By doing so, attending both the CRIS2016 Conference and the OR2016 Conference (Dublin, 13-17 June) will become possible. An advantage is that attendees may realise cost savings on their long-distance flights.
An additional advantage, especially for UK attendees, is that CRIS2016 may be combined now with the attending of the UK ARMA conference that will be held from 6-8 June in Birmingham.
The result is that the CRIS2016 conference will fit optimally in between these two neighbouring events organised by our strategic partners. Participants will have the possibility to combine these events in their agendas and travel arrangements.
On behalf of euroCRIS,
Arjan Hogenaar
euroCRIS Secretary