Call for Papers for CRIS 2018

Wed, 20/12/2017 - 15:15 -- euroCRIS Secret...
Elly Dijk

The Call for Papers for CRIS 2018 has recently been launched and can be found on the website of the conference at:

From June 13-16th 2018 euroCRIS will hold its 14th International Conference on Research Information Systems, called CRIS2018. The conference will take place in Umeå Sweden, and will be organised in co-operation with Umeå University. The theme of the conference is "FAIRness of Research Information".

We invite all those with an interest in research information to send in contributions in order to get a full view of ideas and developments, be it within or beyond the euroCRIS community. We are also very interested to learn about views and ideas from our neighbouring organisations and communities and to see and explore where there might be opportunities for synergy and co-operation to promote and improve collaboration within the broad research information community.

More information on CRIS 2018 can be found on: