Abstract on 'Preliminary findings from the global RIM Survey' accepted for EARMA2018

Thu, 07/12/2017 - 22:48 -- Pablo de Castro
The abstract 'Preliminary findings from the global Survey of Research Information Management Practices' submitted by Rebecca Bryant (OCLC), Anna Clements (U St Andrews & euroCRIS) and Pablo de Castro (U Strathclyde & euroCRIS) has now been accepted at the EARMA conference 2018 to be held in Brussels in April 2018.
The 30-min oral presentation will summarize the findings of the ongoing 2017 RIM Survey launched by OCLC and euroCRIS earlier this year, with a particular emphasis on the role of libraries in the area of research information management. Not being limited to institutions with operational RIM systems but also aiming to capture the views of organisations in the process of implementing their own RIM strategy, the findings of this survey should provide a worldwide insight on the status of the discipline.