3rd Snowball Metrics Recipe book now published and available for download

Fri, 01/12/2017 - 00:34 -- Pablo de Castro
The third recipe book for the Snowball Metrics academia-industry collaboration around research metrics has now been released. This new version, which includes its CERIFication, provides an update to previous communications in the area such as this "Snowball Metrics – providing a robust methodology to inform research strategy – but do they help?" delivered last year at the CRIS2016 Conference in St Andrews.
Snowball Metrics is a bottom-up initiative to define a robust framework for measuring research performance and related data exchange and analysis, providing a consistent approach to information and measurement between institutions, funders and government bodies. Three University-led working groups are now operational in the UK, the US and Australia/NZ aiming to define robust and clear methodologies for proposing a data source- and system-agnostic 'basket of metrics'. Elsevier collaborates with such groups in order to ensure that the methodologies are technically feasible before they are shared with the sector.