2018 CRIS survey for Spanish Universities: English-language slides available

Mon, 29/07/2019 - 12:36 -- euroCRIS Secret...
The slides summarising the findings of the CRIS survey mentioned in the recent news piece 'A 2018 snapshot of CRIS infrastructure at universities in Spain' are already available in English language.
As mentioned in the news piece a month ago, the results of this CRIS survey show a well-established presence of CRIS systems at institutions in Spain. These are mostly in-house-built systems, and their management tends to come under the institutional Research Offices. Research libraries play a significant role in CRIS management though, most frequently in the area of metadata entering and validation. The level of interoperability with institutional repositories reported in the survey tends to be quite low, but ongoing improvements in this area have also been mentioned in the responses by institutions.