CERIF2VIVO mapping

Thu, 17/03/2022 - 13:49 -- euroCRIS Secret...

A Memorandum of Understanding between euroCRIS and VIVO was signed in July 2021. This MoU acknowledges a shared goal and the need for joint action on the integration of research information worldwide. One specific action initiated after the signing of the MoU is the update of a 2013 document that made a first attempt at mapping the CERIF data model against the VIVO ontology. This 2013 mapping is now obsolete, as both formats have significantly evolved in the meantime.

In order to produce an updated mapping between CERIF and VIVO, a group of experts from the VIVO Ontology User Group and the euroCRIS CERIF Task Force has been formed. The work to produce an updated document is already under way.

In the first phase, the mapping will be presented in a free form using tables with a predefined list of columns: CERIF entity to VIVO class, CERIF data type to VIVO data type, CERIF version to VIVO version. Each of these will be qualified with a mapping expression.

After this initial update, available notations for formal representation of the mapping will need to be investigated and selected. The joint VIVO and euroCRIS WG is also looking into the definition of an infrastructure for further CERIF2VIVO mapping maintenance and for keeping a historical record of these mappings.