CASRAI domain handover

The Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI), was an international, non-profit membership organisation led by research institutions and their partners, founded in 2006. The organisation aimed to reduce the administrative burden on the research community associated to the process of collecting information from researchers during the research life-cycle. It did so by publishing standard guidelines and recommendations to enable funders, vendors and research institutions to build current research information systems that support the research process and reduce undue burden. Over the years CASRAI inventorised and described information requirements related to funding applications, CVs, project and funding management, compliance requirements and reporting, as well as research data management and scholarly communications. The information was gathered in the CASRAI Catalogue of elements. In 2020, CASRAI ceased to exist as an organisation.

euroCRIS is now taking over the management and curation of the CASRAI Catalogue of elements. This catalogue is the result of a joint effort of business owners that semantically described elements related to research and education, and placed them in a relational context. The original CASRAI Catalogue of elements is being transferred into in a Github repository managed by euroCRIS and the content will be used to enrich the CERIF format -- the Common European Research Information Format used for exchanging research information stored in research information systems -- in a semantically interoperable manner.

As a complementary effort to preserve the CASRAI content, CODATA is taking responsibility for the Research Data Management Glossary and NISO is taking over the CRediT taxonomy.

For more information on what CASRAI was all about please check their YouTube video "CASRAI in 2 minutes".