CRIS 2012


CRIS 2012: e-Infrastructures for Research and Innovation - Linking Information Systems to Improve Scientific Knowledge Production

11th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems

June 6-9, Prague, Czech Republic

The positive and causal link between research on one hand and wealth creation and improvement in the quality of life on the other is established. Questions may be asked concerning the quality of the research and the value for money. In order to answer these questions, and manage the associated processes, research information has become indispensable. It started as the simple administrative data on research projects, their funding and their lead participant. Over time, research information expanded to record many other aspects of research: results, funding, facilities, equipment, research-related services, impact. Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) are becoming the core of the information infrastructure of all organisations that have to do with research: those that perform it, fund it, or track it.

CRIS 2012 is the eleventh in the biennial series of conferences on CRIS organised since 2002 by euroCRIS. Between 1991 and 2000 a somewhat irregular CRIS conference series was run in an ad hoc manner with some support from the European Commission. CRIS 2012 has attracted a rather large number of submisisons that document well the current trends in all aspects of CRIS. The big challenge many authors approach from different angles is setting up meaningful and scalable links between CRIS and other information systems, and among CRIS themselves to provide an international overview of research. In this way, CRIS are becoming integral parts of research e-Infrastructures; the connected CRIS in fact form a very important e-Infrastructure themselves.


Conference Opening

Keith Jeffery, Conference Introduction [Presentation]



Miroslava Kopicová, Research and Development in the Czech Republic - New Transition Ahead [Presentation]

Konstantinos Glinos, e-Infrastructures and Research Information Systems [Presentation]


Invited talks on the conference topics

Anne Asserson, Current Research Information Systems: End user viewpoint and requirements [Presentation]

Nikos Houssos, Advances in Technology and CRIS [Presentation]


ěžda Witzanyová, Research e-Infrastructure in the Czech Republic with a European Perspective [Presentation]


Papers & Presentations

Tomáš Chudlarský, Jan Dvo

řák, A National CRIS Infrastructure as the Cornerstone of Transparency in the Research Domain [Paper] [Presentation]

Nikos Houssos, Brigitte Jörg, Brian Matthews, A multi-level metadata approach for a Public Sector Information data infrastructure [Paper] [Presentation]

Sergey Parinov, Open Repository of Semantic Linkages [Paper] [Presentation]

Pouneh Mehrtash, Omid Fatemi, CTIS, Policy Making Body for National Research Information System in IRAN [Paper] [Presentation]

Kevin Ginty, Simon Kerridge, Paul Fairley, Ryan Henderson, Paul Cramer, Albert Bokma, Sheila Garfield, CERIF for Datasets (C4D) - An Overview [Paper] [Presentation]

Bojana Dimi

ć Surla, Dragan Ivanovi{C}{C}{C}{C} {C}{C}{C}{C} {C}{C}{C}{C} ć, Using templates for presenting publication references in CRIS [Paper] [Presentation]

Åke Johansson, Mats Ola Ottosson, A national Current Research Information System for Sweden [Paper] [Presentation]

Daniela Luzi, Rosa Di Cesare, Roberta Ruggieri, Toward the integration of datasets in the CRIS environment: A preliminary analysis [Paper] [Presentation]

Albert Bokma, Sheila Garfield, David Nelson, Esraa Omran, Oscar Corcho, Cerif4Datasets (C4D) - Utilising Semantics for the Discovery and Exploration of Datasets in Research [Paper] [Presentation]

Sebastian Herwig, Thorsten Höllrigl, "All roads lead to Rome": Establishing Best Practices for the Implementation and Introduction of a CRIS: Insights and Experiences from a CRIS Project at the University of Münster [Paper] [Presentation]

Alexis-Michel Mugabushaka, Theodore Papazoglou, Information systems of research funding agencies in the "era of the Big Data". The case study of the Research Information System of the European Research Council [Paper] [Presentation]

Laurel L. Haak, David Baker, Matt A. Probus, Creating a Data Infrastructure for Tracking Knowledge Flow [Paper] [Presentation]

Philipp Fondermann, Thorsten Höllrigl, Integration, Service Orientation and Convergence - Advancing Research Information Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology [Paper] [Presentation]

Paul Beckers, Martin Jägerhorn, Thorsten Höllrigl, Advances in Sharing and Managing Knowledge about European Research Infrastructures [Paper] [Presentation]

Joachim Schöpfel, Marie-José van Baelinghem, Laurent Sparrow, Linking CRIS to Education [Paper] [Presentation]

Mahendra Mahey, Niamh Brennan, CERIFy: Using Business Process Mapping to Engage with Research Information Management Processes and the CERIF Data Model [Paper] [Presentation]

Nicola Bertazzoni, Paolo Bonora, Fabrizio Luglio, Marta Zaetta, Towards Knowledge/Technology Transfer. U-GOV Research achievements and new challenges [Paper] [Presentation]

Karin Berkhoff, Britta Ebeling, Sven Lübbe, Integrating research information into a software for higher education administration - benefits for data quality and accessibility [Paper] [Presentation]

But Dedaj, Mjellma Carabregu, Challenges on setting-up the research and development tools and capacities in a transitional country (Kosovo) [Paper] [Presentation]

Brigitte Jörg, Thorsten Höllrigl, Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Entities and Identities in Research Information Systems [Paper] [Presentation]

Paul Fairley, Kevin Ginty, Simon Kerridge, Simon Foster, Stephen Trowell, Steve Hustwayte, Steve Butcher, Josh Brown, Roland Major, RMAS - Delivering an integrated Research Management & Administration System [Paper] [Presentation]

Nuno Freire, Rene Wiermer, Markus Muhr, Andreas Juffinger, Chiara Latronico, Valentine Charles, Author Consolidation across European National Bibliographies and Academic Digital Repositories [Paper] [Presentation]

Ján Tur

ňa, Juraj Noge, Danica Zendulková, The system SK CRIS, scientific publications and theses - mirror of Slovak science [Paper] [Presentation]

Brigitte Jörg, Jan Dvořák, Thomas Vestdam, Streamlining the CERIF XML Data Exchange Format Towards CERIF 2.0 [Paper] [Presentation]

Brian Kirkegaard Lunn, Poul M. Melchiorsen, Nils Thidemann, John Kruuse, Anne Lyhne Høj, Sabine Dreier, Maria A. Madsen, Anne Marya Jensen, Research performance management in a CRIS environment: Does research evaluation affect publishing activity? [Paper] [Presentation]

Dag W. Aksnes, Anne Asserson, Reidar Thorstensen, Bernt Olav Økland, Bergen Campus Biomedical Research Cooperation Analysis using a CERIF-CRIS [Paper] [Presentation]

Lisa Colledge, Anna Clements, M'hamed el Aisati, Scott Rutherford, Project Snowball - sharing data for cross-institutional benchmarking [Paper] [Presentation]

Grete Christina Lingjærde, Geir Magne Vangen, Development and evolution of the data model of a CRIS system - Example from FRIDA to CRIStin [Paper] [Presentation]

Eva Kraus, Collaboration on principle! The AHF's Historical Bibliography - a bibliography by historians for historians [Presentation]

Dag W. Aksnes, Susanne Mikki, Applying CRIS-data for Analysing Research Collaboration at the University of Bergen, Norway [Paper] [Presentation]

Anna Clements, Scott Brander, Valerie McCutcheon, Joshn Brown, Dale Heenan, Thomas Vestdam, CERIF in Action: Synthesise, standardise and productionise CERIF for Higher Education Institutions [Paper] [Presentation]

Lars Wenaas, Nina Karlstrøm, Tore Vatnan, From a national CRIS along the road to Green Open Access - and back again: Building infrastructure from CRIStin to Institutional Repositories in Norway [Paper] [Presentation]

Ilya V. Ponomarev, Duane E. Williams, Brian K. Lawton, Di H. Cross, Yvette Seger, Joshua Schnell, Laurel L. Haak, Breakthrough Paper Indicator: early detection and measurement of ground-breaking research [Paper] [Presentation]

Agnethe Sidselrud, Grete Christina Lingjærde, The practical implementation of the CRIS system CRIStin and the goals/challenges of bringing 150 institutions into production within a year [Paper] [Presentation]

Lidija Ivanović, Dušan Surla, A software module for import of theses and dissertations to CRISs [Paper]

Siniša Nikolić, Valentin Penca, Dragan Ivanović, Dušan Surla, Zora Konjović, CRIS service for journals and journal articles evaluation [Paper] [Presentation]



Barbara Ebert, Research Information Management [Presentation]

Jan Dvořák, Future Trends in Research Information Management [Presentation]

Keith Jeffery, Workshop Summary [Presentation]


CERIF Tutorial

Brigitte Jörg, CERIF Tutorial [Presentation]


Czech and Slovak Workshop

Jitka Moracová, The Evaluation Methodology and Institutional Funding in Science [Presentation]

Petr Ráb, Leoš Horni

ček, Ivana Laiblová Kadlecová, Information Systems Used Within Evaluation Process of Research Activities of ASCR Institutes [Presentation]

Libor Straka, Jan Mach, Jiři Stöhr, Martin Lamr, Evaluation of Scientific and Pedagogical Performance from the Perspective of Universities [Presentation]

Peter Samuely, Regular Research Assessment Exercise of the Institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences 2012 (cancelled)

Ján Turňa, Oleg Cvik, SK CRIS as the Decision Support Tool for R&D Funded from Public Resources [Presentation]


Business Session

Jan C. Maier, Thorsten Höllrigl, Rudolf Weiss, AVEDAS AG :: CONVERIS 5 - the next generation current research information systems

Bo Alroe, Thomas Vestdam, Atira A/S :: Breaking down silos with quality data relations - how Pure enables uniform management reporting on top of CERIF [Presentation]

Philipp Purnell, Thomson Reuters :: A New Generation CRIS from Thomson Reuters [Presentation]

Hans van Mingroot, IBM :: Integrating Information at a regional level for the sake of innovation & venturing acceleration [Presentation]


euroCRIS President Address

Keith Jeffery, CRIS in 2020 [Paper] [Presentation]


Conference Closing

Barbara Ebert, Announcement CRIS 2014 [Presentation]