Poster session during the Strategic Membership Meeting

Poster Presentations during Strategic Membership Meeting

During lunch time on November 10th and 11th the following posters will be presented:.


Data and classification governance, a prerequisite for semantic interoperability of research information systems. 

Presenter: Sadia Vancauwenbergh (Hasselt University)


In a knowledge-based economy, a good overview of the scientific and technological portfolio is essential for policy formation and driving knowledge transfer. In order to enhance open innovation, the Flemish public administration has created a Flanders research information portal (FRIS) that integrates information available from its data providers (research institutions, funding organizations…) using the CERIF standard. Although CERIF allows for almost unlimited flexibility for modelling research information, it has limitations when it comes down to communication to end-users, in terms of semantics. Hence, a true semantic interoperable RIS can only be realised by inclusion of data and classification governance.


Presenter: Michele Mennielli (CINECA)


After the 2014 euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting in Amsterdam, 4 Organisations decided to seat around a table and start sharing their views on the development of Research Information Systems in their respective Countries. What came out of the very first conversation was that the similarities were more than the differences: not only from a political and cultural point of view, but also and most importantly for the way those organisations see the Research Area, their visions and technological roadmaps. The roots of SELRIM are: CERIF, Open Source, Standards and, last but not least, the idea that Collaboration is the king.

EC FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot

Presenter: to be announced


The goal of the pilot is to make sure that publications that are the result of FP7 subsidised project will be published Open Access (as much as possible). The budget in the pilot is 4 million Euros. You may claim costs for Open Access publishing until April 30th, 2017.

Conditions: no articles to be published in hybrid journals; grant is 2,000 euro per article at a maximum; no grant for articles that have been published already.

euroCRIS/EUNIS International CRIS Survey

Presenter: Michele Mennielli


The survey for collecting information on institutional CRIS systems across Europe was launched on Apr 7th. 2015. This survey, which also covers institutional repositories, was prepared by a joint  euroCRIS/EUNIS. The outcomes of the survey will be presented.