Results of the survey for attendees to the SMM Bratislava

Thu, 07/12/2017 - 23:13 -- Pablo de Castro
33 responses were received to the survey that attendees to the recently held Strategic Membership Meeting in Bratislava were requested to fill in. Just over half the responses (17) came from first-time participants in a euroCRIS event. The feedback was altogether very positive and useful -- many thanks to all attendees who took the time to provide their responses!
Asked whether they found the event useful, 26 responses stated 'Very much' or 'Much'. The best-liked presentations were the keynote speech by Jean-Claude Burgelman on the European Open Science Cloud and the talk "FAIR Data: principles, implementation, implications" by Simon Hodson, closely followed by Jakub Koperwas's on OMEGA-PSIR, Rebecca Bryant's on the 2017 RIM Survey and the BE-OPEN's team presentation on the project. 25 respondents stated their intention to attend the CRIS2018 conference in Umeå in June next year. If you're a euroCRIS member and would like to see a copy of the final results for this attendee survey for the SMM Bratislava, please feel free to email the euroCRIS Secretariat asking them to send you one.