Asian/Latin American Speaker for IFLA

Tue, 16/06/2015 - 16:37 -- euroCRIS Secret...
euroCRIS Secretariat
During the ILFA conference, 15-21 August 2015,  in Cape Town (South Africa) a special session will be organised on the topic 'Research Data & Libraries'. For this meeting our Strategic Partner COAR is looking for an expert in Research Data Management coming form Asia or Latin America that is willing to attend the IFLA Conference.  
If you happen to know people with these qualifications, please contact eurocris at,  the euroCRIS Secretariat. Another important issue related to the IFLA is the satellite event that will take place on August 13th and 14th. During this event - the ARL Standing Committe Pre-Conference - Jan Dvorak, euroCRIS Board Member, will present a key note with the title 'CERIF: the Versatile Research Information Standard'. Besides he will organise a workhop on CERIF.