Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between euroCRIS and IBICT

M E M O R A N D U M     O F    U N D E R S T A N D I N G


The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to establish and promote a strategic and cooperative partnership between IBICT and euroCRIS.

euroCRIS is a not-for-profit, statutory association (, governed by Dutch law, dedicated to the development and implementation on an institutional, national as well as international level of top-quality research information systems and their interoperability, based on CERIF (Common European Research Information Format). One of euroCRIS’s main objectives is the promotion of cooperation and exchange of expertise between stakeholders in the research information domain, in particular by setting up Strategic Partnerships with international organisations in the field of Research Information.

IBICT (http://, the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology is a Research Unit linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MCTI) and is responsible for information systems related to research and innovation in Brazil. Its main mission is to promote the competence, the development of resources and the infrastructure of information on science, technology and innovation (ST&I) in Brazil.


Both euroCRIS and IBICT share a vision of realising optimal research information infrastructures through the setup and support of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS), enabling the information management of research projects, researchers, research organisations, and research outputs, whereby a CRIS is regarded as the major tool in creating an overview of all data related to science, technology, and innovation be it on a Federal or State level. Both organisations acknowledge the importance of international standardisation in the setup of CRIS and research information exchange between systems and more specifically the key role for the Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) in this respect. Besides, IBCIT is of the opinion that the implementation of a CRIS-system is crucial in the further development and improvement of Research Information in Brazil.

The motivation for this MoU is to share knowledge and experience and to support each other’s endeavours in the fields defined in the agreement.


The strategic partners will work together:

(a) To promote the setup of an optimal CRIS-infrastructure in Brazil, including the following aspects:

  • Formulation of an appropriate Research Information Policy and Management Framework, both on a national and state level.
  • Choice and implementation of appropriate CRIS software (CRIS systems).
  • Realisation of compatibility between CRIS and related information systems based on international standards.
  • Setup of an adequate support framework for the (use of the) CRIS infrastructure.
  • Development of services based on the CRIS infrastructure for the various stakeholder groups.
  • Organisation of trainings for the various user and stakeholder groups (researchers, research managers, policy makers, funders, etc...).

(b) To promote the realisation of optimal research information policies and practices, and in this respect to influence policies and policy makers on both a national (governmental) and international level (e.g. the EU and Latin America) on:

  • The importance of CRIS and e-infrastructures based on CRIS as primary resource for research information.
  • The importance of the use of international standards in research information and more specifically the implementation of CERIF, the Common European Research Information Format.
  • The support to policy formulation for the conception and implementation of CRIS systems (through examples and good practices)
  • The need to establish interoperability between information systems at various levels

(c) To make known and communicate each other’s activities and accomplishments with their stakeholders and at each other’s events. 


In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, both partners agree on the following concrete actions for collaboration:

  1. Upon request by IBICT euroCRIS may provide support and assistance to IBICT concerning:
    1. policy formulation related to the conception and implementation of CRIS systems (e.g., examples and good practices);
    2. providing arguments in the convincing of decisions makers;
    3. the evaluation of new software options that could be used to implement CRIS systems in Brazil;
    4. the implementation of DSpace-CRIS as one of the software options;
    5. training in CERIF and in the establishment of CRIS services based on CERIF;
    6. the realization of compatibility between information systems; and
    7. general trainings and awareness raising concerning the meaning and importance of CRIS systems.

The support rendered by euroCRIS will be based on reimbursement of expenses for travel and hours spent. The concrete details of the support activities will be worked out in separate agreements between the partners.

  1. Representatives of euroCRIS shall be invited to conferences and seminars organised by IBICT
  2. Representatives of IBICT shall be invited to the euroCRIS annual Strategic Membership Meeting and to the CRIS biennial conferences. The person(s) attending will be designated by IBICT.          
  3. IBICT agrees to participate in appropriate euroCRIS Task Groups to contribute to the development of the IBICT-CERIF roadmaps.
  4. Best practices in IBICT-implementation through CRIS will be specifically highlighted within the work of the euroCRIS Best Practice Task Group.
  5. A common distribution list will be created for the euroCRIS/IBICT joint group.
  6. Both organisations will periodically offer information on activities of the other partner in their respective communication channels.
  7. For reasons of efficiency in time and costs, communication will be through teleconference or webinar when appropriate.


The logo of both strategic partners will be placed on each other’s website under the respective heading with a hyperlink to the homepage of the strategic partner. Both parties shall approve any public announcement regarding this MoU. Each party may suggest that its logo be used in accordance with provided guidelines.

Liabilities and Termination

This agreement does not define a financial relationship between the strategic partners, but does not exclude that such relationships could be negotiated.  The agreement does not restrict the rights and responsibilities of each partner nor increase them. This agreement remains in force until terminated in writing by each party. Upon termination, both parties will remove the logo and hyperlink of the other party from their websites.

January, 8, 2016


For IBICT                                                                                For euroCRIS

Cecília Leite Oliveira                                                              Ed Simons

Director                                                                                  Chair of Management Board