euroCRIS ECR support scheme for the CRIS2024 Conference Vienna


At euroCRIS we believes it is important that delegates from all career stages should be able to participate in a euroCRIS conference. At the same time, we are aware that in some countries, early stage career researchers and technicians could face issues when trying to coma up with the budget for attending these events. A financial support scheme for early stage researchers and technicians has subsequently been conceived, please see details below.

Type of support

We are introducing this ECR support scheme as a trial for the CRIS2024 Conference in Vienna (May 15-17, 2024). This first application of the scheme will offer a waiver for the conference and official dinner registration fee for ECRs that qualify for the scheme – please see the requirements below. The possibility of extending the support scheme to cover travel expenses and even accommodation costs for future CRIS conferences is being considered and will depend on how successful this first edition is and on whether the initiative is seen by the research information management community as a valuable step.

A maximum of five grants will be provided for ECRs that have submitted a proposal to the conference that is deemed suitable for its inclusion in the main event programme by the CRIS2024 Programme Committee.

Selection criteria

The following criteria will be applied by the euroCRIS Board when considering applications for this ECR support scheme:

  • Applicants to the ECR support scheme must qualify as ECRs, either as PhD or postdoc students. While the applicant’s age will be a key criteria and applications in the 20-30 age bracket will be prioritised, there is not an upper age limit as such
  • It is mandatory to have submitted a proposal for the conference – the submission ID is in fact one of the mandatory fields to be filled in on the application form for the support programme
  • Applicants will need to provide some background information on their area of activity, including references for previous or ongoing work and a brief description of the benefits that attendance to the CRIS2024 conference might mean for such work
  • This ECR support scheme aims to be as equitable and balanced as possible. This means that criteria related to gender and/or geographic provenance will be taken into account when selecting the successful applicants

Deadlines and how to apply

The deadline for applications for the ECR support scheme is the deadline for submissions of contributions to the CRIS2024 Conference – the original Feb 15th deadline has now been extended to Feb 29th, 2024.

The outcome of the Programme Committee discussions will be communicated to applicants when the acceptance/rejection notifications are sent out on Mar 15th, 2024.

In order to apply for this ECR support programme the application form for the ECR support scheme needs to be filled in once an extended abstract for a CRIS2024 contribution has been submitted via easyChair.

A specific section will be made available on the CRIS2024 registration form for successful applicants for this ECR support scheme to register for the event and its official dinner at no cost.