CERIF and CRIS Architectures

The Task Group focuses on standards and tools for sharing and communicating research information, with the goal of enabling maximum interoperability of Current Research Information Systems. It maintains and develops CERIF, the Common European Research Information Format. This also includes CERIF-XML, the exchange format, and CERIF canonical vocabularies of semantic terms. The Task Group also develops and maintains the CERIF-API standard.


recent activities
  • Finalzation of CERIF 1.6 version.

planned activities
  • OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers version 1.0 (Nikos Houssos, Brigitte Jörg, Jan Dvořák):

    - currently being finalized from the euroCRIS side
    - to be released by the OpenAIRE project

  • Modify the CERIF XML Schema internal structure:

    - to offer re-usable building blocks to better support construction of profiles
    - include links to relevant places in the documentation

  • Develop a more accessible documentation of CERIF:

    - a format that combines the data model and the canonical semantics
    - accessible on the web & linkable
    - released under a suitable license

  • Ongoing 'background' tasks:

    - support other euroCRIS TGs
    - support current and potential CERIF users