euroCRIS is a not-for-profit organisation that, for its functioning, financially depends on membership fees and sponsoring. Currently there exist two types of sponshorship to support euroCRIS:

1. General (yearly) sponsorship

Companies or organisations active in or related to the field of research information can support euroCRIS with a yearly financial contribution or by services rendered to euroCRIS. Should you be interested to support euroCRIS this way please contact the euroCRIS secretariat at eurocris@eurocris.org.

2. Event sponsorship

This type of sponsorship applies to a financial support of the Conferences and Membership Meetings that euroCRIS organises. Various possibilities exist in this respect, such as: sponsorship of event dinner, lunches and coffee breaks or offering meeting rooms for free. For an overview of the alternatives and related amounts of this kind of sponsorship please alos contact eurocris@eurocris.org.