euroCRIS events

Conferences and Membership Meetings

Twice a year, euroCRIS organises events to stay in contact  and share information with its membership and the CRIS community about developments going on in the field of research information in general and CRISs in particular. Every Spring there is, alternatingly, an international CRIS Conference (even years) and a euroCRIS Membership Meeting (odd years). Every Autumn a  so called Strategic Membership Meeting is organised where special attention is being paid to the relation with and presentations by our Strategic Partners. At all of these events a substantial number of papers and presentations is contributed and presented, which are included and free to access in our Repository. Overviews of the contributions presented at a given, specific event, are accessible through the links in the right column of this page. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the euroCRIS events for this year, unfortunately had to be cancelled. Normally we would have had organised our CRIS2020 Conference this Spring in Limassol, Cyprus. This now has been replaced by a Spring 2021 Membership Meeting at the same location. The Strategic Membership Meeting, foreseen for this Autumn, will be replaced by an online event during which in the course of a week, various presentations will online be offered to and shared with the CRIS community. 

More detailed information on both the Spring Membership Meeting 2021 in Limassol and the online Atumn event will be communicated in due course.